Issuing Grant

To open a new research task and issue a grant, go to our client dashboard and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the + icon on the top right corner (next to your profile avatar)
  2. Choose “Create New Research
  3. Add title to your research
  4. Choose the right research type from the dropdown
  5. Write as much info as you can about this research, this will help our researcher build a complete model and break down this research into smaller tasks for our interns to start working on this project.
  6. Select the skills needed for this research
  7. Select the minimum experience needed, and the minimum Hey ratings for our researchers (Different costs for every Hey rating levels and only researchers with minimum required Hey ratings can view this research in the marketplace).
  8. Select a good time duration for this research (You can mark this research as urgent, which will cost you more)
  9. Click publish and wait for the payment popup where you can approve and deposit Hey token into our research contract.